Zoos Are Valuable in Their Educational Role

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As we know, there are some protected areas or animal reserves which are large sections of land used to conserve our Earth’s natural habitats and rare and endangered wildlife. However, not all of them are allowed people especially public to enter base on the laws. Even some protected areas are open to public, they are not available all the time such as at night. Also, please note that it is impossible for everyone to travel to other country for studying wildlife animals because of the money or location. Moreover, the visitors who aim to study animals may cause negative effects to the environment in wild due to their behaviour. In contrast, zoos are always available for everyone and many rare animals that come from lots of different countries are involved but not only the local species. Moreover, zoos provide a larger opportunity and more effective way to people to study animals. For example, many animals are hard to see in the rain forests but people can easily find them in the particular sections in zoos; also, the zoos would provide information of those animals so that people will not get confuse about the species and animals can be studied more effectively. Furthermore, the environments in zoos have been maintained under the management of staff and hence animals studying do not lead any bad effects to animals. On the other hand, I would like to talk more about how the animals can be studied through the education and research in zoos. First of all, Zoos don’t just entertain, they also aim to educate. With formal education and community programs geared toward children and adults, zoos teach people about the needs of animals and the importance of conservation. This inspires people to make a personal contribution to conservation. And if people get excited enough,

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