Zenten E-commerce Technologies

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1. Executive Summary

Zenten will bring the hottest American brands to the rest of the world. With a well thought thru supply chain process, a highly profitable pricing and cost model, and a well trained and motivated buyers network in the United States, Zenten wants to start its journey to become the number one online place for the brands that we represent in Europe. We intent to do this, by re-engineering our current business into a truly online business operation.

Zentens intention to create a high level trust customer relationships will be supported by technology, process and people components that interact optimally with one another, enabling us to be aware of our capabilities and user our resources in an optimal way to create a great service experience. In order to achieve this, Zenten incorporates state of the art security, data protection and privacy and business availability procedures and technology. Further Zenten is seeking certification of their socio technical system by an external certification body, to ensure trust risks are identified and mitigated. Further Zenten promises service levels to their customers and lives up to it.

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2. E-commerce Technologies/Building an E-commerce Website

2.1 the product

Zenten was founded 2 years ago by a swiss expatriate living in New York. It all started because many of the expatriates friends in Switzerland asked to have this and that shipped to Switzerland, because they didn’t had access to these items. When Zenten was founded as a small business, the company imported American brands that are not shipped outside the United States by the manufactories, to Switzerland and sold the goods thru E-enterprise through e-bay and Ricardo (Swiss Auction Website).

For the past year, requests for branded US made clothing have increased by almost 45% (from $ 80,000 to $116,000); and customer base grown by 20% to include customers from Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, eastern France and several others as far as Romania. Popular brands that are imported include Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, Banana Republic, Coach and Victoria Secret present an urgent need for Zenten to rethink their business operations. In order to fully exploit the potential and to satisfy the increased demand Zenten has decided to explore the possibility and viability of establishing its own online retail solution.

To cope with these changes, Zenten is establishing its own online retail shop. Zenten is looking at opening its own website that will offer customers’ innovative product assortment from various designers in the United States and Canada all packaged in an unforgettable shopping experience. Zenten intends to make fashion more accessible to the trendy young Europeans. Included in this offering are elegant essentials and sophisticated seasonal collections of accessories, shoes, and personal care products for both men and women.

Simply put in most American cities there are dedicated areas for certain groups,

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