Youth Fitness And Growth

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What can youth gain by developing metabolic fitness at a young age?

Metabolic fitness is defined as the ability to provide enough energy to the muscles in a specific type of exercise. A young person stands to gain a lot by developing metabolic fitness early. First, developing metabolic fitness at an early stage will give the child a chance to enjoy the process of training by developing self-discipline. Children who attain higher levels of performance tend to develop this attitude at a younger age. Secondly, training at an early age will hinder the formation of fat cells, which can lead to obesity. Physically active children often demonstrate lower rates of obesity than sedentary children do. Thirdly, in children, metabolic energy fuels growth and tissue development. Therefore, active children tend to mature faster than those who do not participate in physical activity. Active children will often grow into strong adults prepared for life.

Another advantage of metabolic fitness is that it regulates body water balance, transmits nerve signals, and fuels though processes. Physical activity goes hand in hand with brain development. While brains can continuously grow, this relationship is quite critical at an early stage. Greater rates of physical activity in children have been associated with higher grades in reading and math. Adequate brain development allows children to try new types of activity that can enable them to discover their talent. Finally, active children are more likely to become active adults. Research shows that obese adults must have been overweight children. Since the young body is still growing, being active will set a stage for a healthy lifestyle in adulthood.

What physical changes occur during puberty and adolescence? How do these changes affect physical performance in boys? How do these changes affect physical performance in girls?

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