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Youth culture in Paris Introductions Culture is defined as a way of living that has been adopted by people depending on certain factors such as races and beliefs. Age is also a factor that determines the culture that has been adopted by the people in a certain age bracket. It has been noted that different age groups adopt different cultures which satisfy their lives and make them enjoy it to their fullest. When we focus on the youths, they are seen to have a different culture than all the other people (Steinberg, Parmar & Richard, 2006). The reason for this is because they are still young and are trying to explore all the different aspects of life. Most of them do not really care about what is good or what is bad as long as it makes them happy. The youth’s culture differs from one city to another and the urban youth culture is different from the rural youth culture. France has its economy flailing and its politics are in the correct line. It has also been noted that the youth culture is catching up with that of the world so that the sleepy arrondissements that once existed in the north-eastern part of Paris, have been transformed by both social and economic forces making it more vibrant and with many activities going on. Other businesses such as clubs have also been established in this place and this has opened up room for the social activities by the youths. This has been an improvement from their previous way of doing things and the drastic change has been noted by many people (In Gullotta In Plant & In Evans, 2014). The museum that exists in the middle of the town has also seen rapid changes as many activities have been invented and especially by the multinational corporations since some Parisians do not want to be associated with some places. A globalized youth culture exists in all towns including in Paris. The youths want to have some connection with those of their neighboring cities and also adopt some practices that are present in their cultures. The adopted practices are then incorporated in their daily activities adding up to their culture. The reason why they do this is in the efforts to create their own identity and become different from others in different cities. It is true that the youths are the susceptible group that is so much into borrowing culture and in some cases the borrowed ways affect the production of a city either positively or negatively (Stecker, 1996). Some of these cultural practices include dress codes, aesthetics, language and ideologies. For example Japanese punk has revolved to the hip hop of Australia, and this has shown that youth subcultures are implicitly rebellious. They are seen to have a rejection of the culture of those who have been before them and want to create an identity of their own different from all the others there before. In this case, childhood has been seen to mean acceptance,

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