Young Man Who Wasn’t Part

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Just think. A young man who wasn’t part of any kind of group in high-school. And was known by classmates as a lonier(Scott Foresman, 1987).A young man who would grow up to become the Co-founder of Apple. And became worth just a little more than 1 million at the age of 23. Steve Jobs, a leader and a believer that all things are possible.

Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water, or do you want a chance to change the world(Steve Jobs, 1983). Steve just didn’t want to change the world, he wanted to be a leader in the world. Since steve was a kid he seemed to stand out. He tended to resist Authority figures and didn’t exactly like school. His father (Paul) blamed the school he was attending for not placing enough challenge on his brilliant son(Paul Jobs, 1961). Steve wanted the challenge. He wanted to stand out, and he wanted to be a leader.Steve was one of his own. But he needed more. Steve then skipped the 5th grade. And was often bullied(Isaacson Walter, 2011) in the 6th grade. Which forced the family to move and switch schools.

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Though Steve has just moved. He was able to bounce back. He was in a better school district and he was in a better neighborhood. The neighborhood had more friends for steve to interact with. And it was heavily populated with more engineers. This is were steve got his first summer job by Bill Hewlett. After asking for parts in a electronics project. This is were steve met fellow electronics hobbyist Bill Fernandez. Who later introduced him to Steve Wozniak. (A future partner to steve). Steve Wozniak then in 1973 designed a classic video game named PONG(Steve Wozniak,

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