World War 2 In Anne Frank Diary

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World War 2 was the bloodiest war in modern war history, many people fought and died for what they believed in. Many men, women, and children were captured, forced to work, and even murdered. One of these children was named Anne Frank, and she gave voice to many of the innocent people killed in World War 2 through her diary that she wrote while she was in hiding.

Before the war began Anne Frank and her family lived a very peaceful, normal life. According to one writer, Anne Frank was born in Germany where her family had lived peacefully for decades, and they lived a carefree life until Hitler rose to power in 1933. In turn the Franks decided to move to the Netherlands. Once again the Franks were living a normal life, the children were going to school, Otto Frank had his own business, and Edith Frank looked after their home. In September of 1939 the Nazis invaded Poland and started putting strict laws against the Jewish people, and as a result the Franks tried to immigrate to the United States twice, and England once (Eventually trying to go to the U.S. again but failed) (Anne Frank). So unlike the thoughts of many people, Anne Frank lived a semi-normal life up until she was ten years old. Another writer states, For a while there was a hope that the Netherlands would not become part of the war(Anne Frank), but by May 10, 1940 the Germans invaded and occupied the country within five days.

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According to one writer, while in hiding Anne Frank and her family tried to live as normal of a life as possible, but it is not easy when you have to spend two years in hiding, following strict rules in order to not get captured by the Nazis. Some of the strict rules of the annex are, you may not go outside, the curtains must be closed during the day, and by no means should you let the neighbors see you (Stitching). This tells you exactly how careful the people of the secret annex had to be in order to not be seen by any neighbors.

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