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One Of The Most Destructive Wars

World war I One of the most destructive wars in human history World war I was in the late 19th century early 20th century, the capitalist countries to its ultimate stage, namely the imperialist transition which is caused by a wide range of irreconcilable contradictions, Asia, Africa, Latin American colonial is basically to dismember, both old and new colonialism and imperialism economic development imbalance, order under the background of unequal division, to carve up the world and for the global […]

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World War I And Its Concequences

Throughout history, there have been many, many wars. So many, in fact, that its hard to even keep count. There are currently still wars going on, and that will probably never change. For humanities entire existence, there will forever be war. It will never end, and as sad as it may sound, there will most likely never be world peace. Wars have caused several billions of fatalities, but nothing can compare to the lives that were lost during the World […]

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Women’s Role In World War I

Womens roles in World War I were limited because of the gender roles constructed in society at the time. In support of this, Janet Lee, who wrote The First Aid Nursing Yeomanry provides information on womens roles around the time of World War I and demonstrates the stereotypes that were present. Lee says that at the end of the nineteenth century women were considered passive, submissive, emotional, and self-sacrificing which led to their assumed inferiority at the time (Lee 144). […]

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World War I Plane Engines

With aviation beginning in 1903 when Orville and Wilbur Wright had their first successful flight, the task of creating the best engine for a plane began. When the First World War began in 1914, this task to design aircraft engines became a race, engineers and scientists alike were working as fast as they could to power their countrys planes so that they could control the skies before anyone else. Because of this, there was a prominent number of significant developments […]

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Four Main Causes Of World War I

At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, the world was seething an explosive, hair-trigger force. Capitalism was undergoing a transition to imperialism. The worlds territory was divided among the worlds most powerful nations. Colonies were scattered throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The struggle between the new empires and the old ones was getting larger and larger. In the era of the jungle, wars were quick to break out. As new forces began […]

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The Main Cause Of The Great War

Little did I know that the Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand is one of the main causes of World War 1, it is interesting. World War 1 is also known as the Great War, because it literally the greatest war, many people were affected by it. This war began in 1915, after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The war, of course, began between Austria Hungary and Serbia and eventually grew into a great war that involve 32 countries. The […]

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An Influence Of World War 1

World war 1 was controversial because it was an important war that took place in our history. Many things did happen during this time that had a positive and negative effect.This war took place for 4 long years.This will include the life before the war,how it started,life during the war,the political leaders,non-combatants,generals,spies,soldiers,the strategies and intentions, and how they lived after, and what positive and negative effects did it have? This period of time was a transition. The U.S had most […]

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Alsace-Lorraine Effect On World

There are many factors that can be used to argue about what lead to the outbreak of World War 1. Global imperialism, national alliances, and rivalry between countries can all be linked to one aspect, the region of Alsace-Lorraine and how it created a long-standing conflict between France and Germany. National and cultural identity in Alsace-Lorraine were oppressed by Germans that stirred a feud eventually leading to World War 1. The mid 1870th century was a time filled with colonial […]

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Role Of Animals In World War 1

Animals have always proven themselves to be loyal and men’s best help during war ground or peace treaties. Unfortunately, as the years are passing by the usage of animals have been reduced in many jobs and areas where they were used the most, they haven’t completely been wiped out but their number have surely been reduced. According to the records recorded world war 1 took place between July 28th 1914-November till 11th 1918. Many people still believe that during the […]

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Nationalism As A Reason Of World War I

It has been argued throughout this paper that Germanys assertive nationalism and war planners belief in offensive dominance jointly contributed to the outbreak of World War I. The injection of personal policy preferences into the decision-making process by leaders and inconsistent cooperation between civilian elites and the military lies at the heart of this issue. Whereas Brooks has written that strategic coordination between civilian elites and leaders in Wilhelmine Germany was particularly weak with the military enjoying autonomy from politicians, […]

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A Begining Of World War 1

Ww1 was one of our biggest events in American history,many lives were lost during the war, the war did a lot of damage to both families and to the battlefield, the war lasted for about 4 years. The war actually ended up starting after Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, Heir and his wife Sophie was shot to death on June 28, 1914, this event was the beginning of the first world war. The war was virtually unpredicted in the slaughter, […]

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New Technologies Used In WW1

World War I was the First World War, or The War to End All Wars. It was as horrific as it was a time to show true nationalism towards ones country, whether German or American. Life for a soldier during this time was grueling and toilsome, while both sides of the war fought in waterlogged, swampy channels known as trench warfare. Predominantly, trench warfare was located on the Western Front. This was a region of northern France and Belgium that […]

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World War I: Revelations For Medicine

We have been healing since the first time man walked the earth. Dressing injuries, fighting off disease and infection. It has always been human instinct to eliminate our pain. In nature, medicine is evolutionary. It is essential that it adapts and overcomes the maladies that plague this world. But never had medicine taken a larger leap forward than during the events of the First World War. The global bloodshed had numerous nicknames at the time. The Great War. The War […]

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Inventions During The Period Of War

In my paper I will be discussing the many inventions, weaponry, tools that were being released during that period of war. Many new weapons were being pushed out and provided for us to use against our enemies. One of the biggest inventions of the early 1900s was the tank, during this time it was a war of trenches filled with machine guns spraying down men before they could even make it past the ‘no man’s land’ the solution to that […]

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How America Suffered From World War 1

During the war, Americans witnessed the beginning of a great social and industrial change. After America went to war there was no job where a woman was not working. They basically opened up every line of service for women. America was impacted a great deal economically. For the short term effect the US economy grew in the buildup to the war and during its prosecution. From 1915 the US made a lot of loans to the UK to help the […]

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How Germany Prepared For The War?

In this paper I will be talking about World War 1. The topics I will be talking about are reasons for: why Germany was involved with the war, the struggles that the citizens of Germany went through during and after the war, and how Germany prepared for the war. Germany had many reasons for being involved with this war. Many people thought that the Germans were the main cause of the war including the allies. The allies consist of Great […]

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Women During World War 1

World War 1 was a revolutionary movement from 1914-1918 which changed the course of American women’s involvement in the workforce drastically. Before the war, the late 19th century was a time period clearly defined by gender roles and expectations. This time period, known as the Victorian Era, originated from the British Queen Victoria . The period lasted from 1837-1901 and was not limited to Europe as social expectations were carried over to the United States . At this point women […]

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Terrorist Attack During World War 1

The was plenty of thing that started World War 1. One of the most major things that started it was a huge terrorist attack. In the late June 1914 is when the attack actually happened. The heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, visited the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo. While him and his wife together was riding down the city of Sarajevo, a Bosnian revolutionary named Gavrilo Princip rushed and quickly and shot them to death. The assassin […]

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Comparison Of World War I And World War II

World War I vs World War II World War I and World War II were very similar in many ways. Both began because of the clash of political ideologies. For example, there were imperialistic, nationalistic, and militaristic countries both involved in the wars. As they were similar, they also differ in a number of ways; none of the countries fighting in World War I had a dictator whereas World War II had multiple dictators from the same few countries. World […]

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Reasons Of World War 1

In 1914, Archduke Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary was murdered in cold-blood by a Serbian patriot. Tensions rose in Europe, alliances were reinforced, and the militaries of European nations such as Russia and Germany were mobilized and ready to fight. Soon after, World War 1 began. World War 1 started due to competitive imperialism, existing rival alliances, and threatening growth of militarism. European competition for imperialistic power grew tensions between nations and eventually led to the outbreak of World War 1. The […]

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African-American Soldiers In World War 1

The digital archives of the, ?Library of the Congress, provide valuable and credible chronological documentation of the events which occurred in Brownsville. The following night after the case with Mrs Evans, ?a group of unidentified men rushed through Brownsville firing wildly In the course of the fracas one white person was killed and two other wounded. Wynne highlights the main fact the group of men responsible were ?unidentified, by the local investigation units as well as the police. On the […]

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Evolution Of Machines During World War 1

World War 1 brought many innovations that will change the way we fight our wars for many years to come. From the tracer bullets to the tanks and u boats we start battling in air and sea also within the innovation of warfare we start losing mass amount of lives due to our innovation. In World War 1 sometimes they had to fight at night so to not fire the same place, they created tracer bullets which left a slight […]

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War To End All Wars

World war 1 started on July 28,1914. World war 1 was the first war where everyone was included, where armies of mass scale collided against each other for the first time ever. Millions of dead. World war one was known as The Great War or War to end all Wars. One year into the war on April 22,1915, the German army introduced the first poison gas on the western front, they fired over 150 tons of chlorine gas into the […]

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