Work Motivation And Performance Of The Employees Business Essay

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Johnson (2010) argued the classification of the variables that could be reported differences in creativity topic as research study and the literature on this topic has been much flourished. The researches on creativity have been conducted in many different sub areas of psychology, social psychology, industrial psychology, clinical psychology, personality and cognitive psychology and developmental areas (Feist, 2006). The connection with the generating novel ideas, solving the intermingled problems and drive to implementation for development by the creative person who can be differentiated from the others persons due to these creative attributes (Harrington and Barron, 1981).

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Helson (1999) viewed that various studies have elaborated the characteristics of personality of creative person and distinguished that the creative persons wiling to generate new and novel ideas, unconventional, ambitions, and experiences, driven, impulsive, self confident and dominant. Currently most of the studies are conducting for effectively management of employees’ performance by improving their satisfaction level, motivation level, commitment level, attitude, behavior, skills and abilities, knowledge, well being and occupational health, and career management in the field of human resource management and development. The numerous studies are also doing in this field for examine over all organizational performance by managing organizational justices fairly, affective leadership style, organizational citizenship behavior, organizational politics, impact of organizational culture forces and drivers as well as for sustaining the development and growth of organization by establishing the organizational creativity climate, knowledge sharing environment, employees perceived innovation positively, designing and implementation for change or interventions, innovative technologies, and training for improving performance and skills of employees.

1.2. Problem Statement

In this study I try to examine the relationships between work motivation and performance of the employees and their perception about innovation through establishing organizational creativity climate in the telecommunication organizations. There is very high competition among the telecommunication organizations because these organizations are growing rapidly all over the world by establishing creative climate among employees, in which organizational members are generating new and novel ideas for development and gain competitive advantage in telecommunication market. Various studies have been conducting to examine relationships of organizational climates and employee performance through bringing change in the telecommunication organizations which have ultimately purpose to develop the organizations’ works, human processes, technologies, structures, strategies, and human resources. But it is too difficult to implementation successfully of any intervention in the telecommunication organizations without diagnosing the problem because most of the employees don’t want to any change. These people are strongly satisfied with current work and they don’t accept any change due to lack of education, knowledge, skills, training programs, and negative attitude and also their motivation level is very low. So these types of people firstly require increasing their motivation level and capabilities for understanding the new phenomena of creativity climate and the managers should do fully cooperate with the people for increasing their motivation level and capabilities.

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