Women’s Suffrage in the United States

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Prior to 1920, women in the United States did not carry the right to vote in political elections, for the privilege of voting was solely for caucasian men. Women across the country desired for equality- to have the social, economic, and political status as men. Unfortunately, these ambitions were seen as irrational and continuously neglected by many men.

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These brave women sought to prove that they were capable of more than just tending to children and carrying out household chores. American women felt it necessary to be recognized as citizens that contributed to society in both political and economical aspects. The Women’s Rights Movement started to take shape and be more recognized in the 1950’s. Unfortunately, the timing did not work in their favor. Just as the movement was gaining more and more attention from others, the Civil War began. This interrupted any progress in the fight for women’s rights. Upon the conclusion of the Civil War, another group was awarded the right to vote.

On February 26, 1869, the Fifteenth Amendment reached enough attention to pass through, thus granting African-American men the right to vote. With the passing of this amendment women had a sense of optimism and excitement anticipating that they too may also win the long awaited legal dispute to vote in elections. While being oppressed, women were so desperate for equality that some of them dressed as men just to attempt to cast their vote. Other actions some suffragettes took were hunger strikes. These women would starve themselves just to get attention to prove their point of equality.

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