Women’s Social and Political Union

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The members of the Women’s Social and Political Union are determined to obtain the right to vote for women by any means and after relentlessly campaigning to achieve this aim, we feel that the impact of peaceful methods seemed to have been exhausted and instead need a different, extensive approach. By enforcing militant action, the WSPU’s tactics had to transform into civil disobedience to show womens need for a political change. When the ‘rush’ on Parliament in October 1908 occured, the public was encouraged to join as thousands of women attempted to invade the House of Commons but were stopped by a line of police officers.

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Even after this event, the WSPU did not stop at women’s rights and continued to rally with hunger strikes that directed attention along with legal and constitutional support to the campaign for the enfranchisement of women. It is also important to note that the gain of women’s rights in Britain didn’t go from disenfranchisement to full freedom, instead, there were many bills taken to Parliament which allowed in many slight improvements before the 1918 declaration of suffrage for women. Then finally, the declaration of women’s full suffrage was in 1928.

As an actress, novelist, and playwright, I Elizabeth Robins am able to provide the women’s Suffragettes movement aid by writing plays and novels that revolve around the topic of winning females right to vote. If I focus on this concept for a few of my works, my fans will be influenced to support this movement in order to help women all over Great Britain. When I created the play Votes for Women in 1907- which was later transformed into the novel, The Convert, that same year- Elizabeth Robins symbolized what other women without my opportunity want to say by discussing the struggle of winning female emancipation and freedom from the chains that society has on all women no matter their differences.

The Suffragettes believe that by teaching young girls activities and things that most girls are never taught because society doesn’t think that they should, it will help gain more followers and preach the message of giving girls the same (or similar) chances as boys. By emphasizing more sports in girls lives beginning at a young age, the concept of equality between males and females will carry on for future generations to live with this belief. Additionally, young boys will also not make the same mistakes as their male ancestors and will instead be progressive and open minded. Some important activities to take into consideration are football, martial arts, basketball; also STEM subjects like encouraging different types of sciences and maths will impact young girls lives and assure them that they can do or play anything that they want to.

Since the WSPU demands a more militant campaigning and rallying method,

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