Women in Combat in USA

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Women have faced discrimination in the United States for decades. Fighting for women’s rights has been a struggle that some of the most important women in the U.S. have had to face.

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Discrimination in politics, labor, society and even in past wars has been a controversial issue. Women are known to have served in war since World War I, World War II and are still serving today in the United States armed forces. Women were able to serve in war as medical assistants, cooks, domestic labors, and even as mechanics, but never in combat. Despite not being allowed to fight in combat, many women found ways to to serve in combat fields and contribute to the war effort. Kate Lindsay, Director of War War One Centenary at University of Oxford, states in one of her articles that Loretta Perfectus Walsh, the first American active-duty women, became the first Navy petty officer when she was sworn in as a Chief Yeoman (Lindsay). Women like Lindsay were able to overcome the generalization that women were only able to able to serve in noncombat jobs.

Many women sacrificed themselves or contributed to the war effort for their own country when their own country wouldn’t let them fight. Gender roles was a major key that contributed to the way society thought of women and men. Women for example were expected to stay home, take care of household labors, and take care of the children, in contrast of men who were expected to work, and provide for their families. Gender roles have been a major aspect in the armed forces. Women were expected to cook, care for sick soldiers, and do everything a normal housewife would do but on combat grounds. Roles for women had not changed, and it wasn’t until former President, Barack Obama, granted his Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, the approval to enroll women into combat grounds in March of 2015. Enrolling women meant one more step towards gender equality.  As Lindsay herself writes Engaging in combat would undermine the argument that it was not only those who fought for their nation (men) who a right to the ultimate gift of citizenship and right to vote (Lindsay). Women have the right to benefits as a U.S. citizen just like men.  Women should not have to feel inferior or incapable to fulfill an infantry job just because of their gender. Women are as mentally, physically, and emotionally capable as men to fight in American front lines or any infantry positions in the military, they should be allowed to serve in any capacity for which they are qualified.

Over time women have demonstrated physical preparedness. Experts decided that standards would not be lowered for women who tried to enroll in combat positions. In return women have proven to be able to live up to these standards and expectations,

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