Women and Gender

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It is the perception of many people that same sex relationships are unethical and are unacceptable.It is in response to this that Feng-Mei Heberer chooses to respond to the matter in the article Migrating intimacies. Most focus in this article is on the female Southeast Asian migrant domestic workerswho are based in Hong Kong and who chose same sex relationships as part of their lives.

In the article, Heberer discusses the manner in which the female workers have long working hours thus working for very little amount of money at the end of the month[footnoteRef:2]. Most of the agents ensure that the workers meet all the expectations including their dress code which is supposed to be nice but not so attracting as to outdo the women in the country. This kind of dressing made most of the female workers end up being attracted to other women from their home countries and thus same sex relationships being on a high level. These female workers do not hide it as they always have time for photographs with their partners when they are off duty.Heberer choose to research on thematter and examine how intimacy has changed from being between a woman-to-a-man to a woman-to-a-woman.

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In this context, he proves that through the working in other countries, same-sex relationships have been enhanced. There are some women who engage in same sex relationships in Hong Kong but hide it when they are at their homecountry. This means that there is little or no understanding on the matter to the home countries and thus the denial of the sexuality. In such countries, as stated by Foucault sex is repressed but not prohibited. This means that sex outside the normal confines is unthinkable and unspeakable. In the article, Heberershows how the female workers use photography and dress code to express their sexuality and how they do not hide it from the others.

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