William Faulkner’s “As I Lay Dying” Country Songs

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William Faulkner was an American writer and Nobel prize winner. He was born in Oxford, Mississippi. Faulkner wrote novels, short stories, screenplays, poetry, essays, and plays.

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Everybody knows that Faulkner’s fiction is alive wither sound of African American music. In Soldiers Pay, individuals first dance to a blues orchestra and then listen to the singing of a country church, while “”Flags in the dust”” includes scenes in which Elnora sings Gospel as she works for the Sartorius family, a blind street musician performed the blues in the town square. Young Bayard Sartorius enlists a Negro band to entertain the unmarried women of Jefferson. “”That evening sun “”famously takes its title from W.C. Handy “”St Louis Blues”” a song most remembered and recorded by the “”Empress of the Blues, “” Bessie Smith. A lot of critics have addressed these and other blues moments in Faulkner’s stories. H.R. Stone back suggested that these individuals and events of “”Pantaloon in Black”” pulled from “”East Riders””.

While Jane Haynes notes provocative parallels between the blue ballads about “”Stag lee”” and the scene in Hamlet in which V.K. Ratliff imagines Flam Snoops defeating the Devil. From talking about the blues elements and African American musical traditions in Faulkner’s stories, It is surprising that scholars have said nothing about a body of Southern songs with which the Mississippi author is likely to been familiar, white folk or country tunes or “”hillbilly music””. As record companies called it in the 1920’s and 30’s. Few of the critics who have the presence of popular culture in Faulkner’s stories so much acknowledge country music, almost half of them hardly discuss it in any specific detail. Hugh Ruppersburgs claim that Lena Groves opening statement in Light in August. “”I have come from Alabama””, talks the first line of Stephen Fosters “”O’ Susannah”” Although the name Joe Christmas’s first love, waitress and prostitute Bobbie Allen involves “”Barbara Allen””.

She is a “”American folk ballad of love cruelly ended””. Erich Nun’s study of depictions of a variety of different music genres. These rare discussions of Country songs in Faulkner’s stories says that the authors novel of the early 1930’s associate working class white individuals with such music. No scholar, has never examined specific references to country music in As I Lay dying. A narrator from this period that focuses almost upon the people who made and consumed hillbilly songs. Richard Grey suggested that As I Lay Dying has a special balladic quality, but most of it makes only a general observation that its strategy is similar to that of a folksong or ballad. In case in which a story was being remembered is given a significance by the sense of the other tales that lie behind it. Mark Lucas noted that only in passing that the Nobel resembles one of the most vulnerable forms of folk song and that is called the disaster ballad.

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