Wild Blueberries Demand and Supply

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Supply and demand are the forces driving any market around the globe. Wild blueberries seem to be a crop of great importance in the US. The case of 2011 where prices charged by farmers went down by 28% is a good indicator of the forces of demand and supply.

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It is common knowledge that farmers would love to make the best out of their produce. This implies that in most cases they would consider appreciation in prices as opposed to a drop. In this case, it is open that the supply of wild blueberries went high due to a large number of farmers getting in the activity.

An increase in the quantity of blueberries resulted in market flooding where customers had options regarding suppliers. Initially, Maine was the primary producer of wild blueberries within the US market and neighborhoods (Atur & Kennedy, 2004). In 2011, both Canada and Maine enjoyed the massive production of Wild blueberries an element credited for the excess supply. While supply has increased, it is important to note the market or companies buying Wild Blueberries have not increased in number thus creating a situation of surplus. The situation experienced in 2011 defines the relationship between demand and supply thus obeying the low of demand and supply.

The law of supply asserts that higher the price the higher the quantity supplies since supplies are geared towards making high profits from the high prices. However, it is important to note that high prices will attract new entrants into the market who will be interested in making profits. In this case,

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