Why Was Goldern Rush Beneficial?

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In the 19-century, there was a migration which developed a huge population. This migration is known as the California Gold Rush. The discovery of gold in the valley, sparked the rush to establish and news quickly spread to thousands of gold miners.

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Over 300,000 miners migrated to California in 1850 which created a great impact on families. Gold miners all around the world had to take a risk and leave their homes, and their loved ones in order to pursue a better opportunity.The California Gold Rush of 1848 built the foundation of california success with the emergence of entrepreneurs attracting different cultures from around the world for social and economics reasons.

        Life as a forty-niner was very harsh, the percentage of people who became wealthy off of mining was so low. Many were planning on getting rich off gold, but the work itself was very laborious. The environment and homes began destroying the landscape because of a need for warmth causing various amounts of wildfires, the use of chemicals in rivers to help find gold caused many fishes to die. The increment of supply and demand began to rise and was a crucial at the time foremost provoking economic decline. Overpopulating San Francisco in a fleet, prices going up top prices were being paid. Immigrants were treated as awful as slaves they were attack financially with taxes and laws. Also violently seen as threats, Peter Hardermen the first governor of california openly declared and demanded their removal he would pay bounties to white settlers for exchange of indians scalps .Competition for gold was brutal and some lost it all. Captain Sutter was a swiss immigrant leaving unpaid debts behind and establishing a 50,000 acres agriculture community called New Switzerland.

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