Why The Union North Won The Civil War?

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On June 29, 1863, a spy from the Confederate army watches the movement of the Union army. He rode his horse to inform Gen. James Longstreet of the Unions position, surprising Longstreet, who did not know that the Union army was so close to him, about 200 miles of where he was.

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Gen. Jeb Stuart was supposed to keep other Confederates soldiers informed of where the Union was, but failed to do so. Union Gen. John Buford had occupied Gettysburg with his cavalry and sent word to Gen. John Reynolds, who is the infantry commander, to come with reinforcements because the Confederates could attack soon. He had the high ground in some hills nearby, it was a very good defensive position to take up.

July 1 had some storms on the way. Gen. Robert E. Lee had some troubles with his heart, it was because he was getting older. Gen. Robert E. Lee was waiting for some reports on the enemys position, even when they had a spy tell them of the forces whereabouts, Lee didnt not like the word spy or like to use their information .Many of his officers think that the Union army is nowhere close to Gettysburg, but Longstreets spy says there is cavalry already waiting in the town, and where ever the cavalry is, the infantry will be behind them. Lee asks his right-hand man, Longstreet, to stay away from the front line in the upcoming battle because he could not afford to lose him. Lee really trusted Longstreet, and knew he was the future. On the opposite side of the field there was a man named Buford of the union. Some of Buford men didnt think Reynolds, which is another commander, would come to their aid in time if at all. Buford told them if he says he coming he will be there because he thinks him to be an honorable man. Bufords troops defend Cemetery Hill against a Confederate attack, and where almost overrun. Buford sent word to Reynolds to help many time during the battle, after nearly holding out for 6 hours, Reynolds comes like he said he would as their reinforcement. Buford and Reynolds meet up and give each other the information they had before Reynolds is shot and killed, which Buford had a hard time coping with.

Lee then moved his troops toward the direction of Gettysburg. Several small battles take place and to the Unions surprise, the Confederates appeared to be winning. After winning some Lee had some momentum and wanted to attack in full force the next day, but Longstreet thought it was not such a good idea, since theyre outnumbered. Even with their small victories, they were still at a bad spot for attacking up hill,

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