Why U.S Was Obligated To Drop Bombs

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I believe the atomic bombing on August 6, 1945 during World War II, through the city of Hiroshima and the city of Nagasaki was a good decision and saved more Americans in the long run. Waiting for the Japanese to surrender and put an end to the war themselves,which would have been highly unlikely, would have put many U.S. lives in danger.

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The end of the war slowed the spread of the Japanese controlled the shortage of supplies in 1945, avoiding around one to two million deaths. The Japanese gave no signs that they were ready to give up and stop fighting, so Truman was forced to authorized the bomb, because it appeared to offer the most effective way to produce an American victory on American terms with the lowest cost in American lives, which was the ultimate goal.


  By the summer of 1945, hundreds and even thousands of American, Australian and British soldiers were prisoners of the war for more than three years. These brave soldiers were being used as slaves at work camps throughout Japan, China, and Southeast Asia. President Truman knew that while they were trained to survive most were near death from malnutrition and harsh overwork in bad conditions. When the United States had freed some of the prisoners in 1944, the circumstances  they found were unbelievable and absolutely unnecessarily cruel, many had past way, and Truman knew that other prisoners must be freed soon or none of them would survive causing more American soldiers and their allies soldiers deaths. Without the atomic bomb, the United States would have to invade and attack the home islands of Japan, which would be very hard and cause many deaths. Casualty estimates predicted hundreds and thousands to more than one million Americans would be wounded, killed, or missing in the action. Harry Truman decided that he must use the atomic bomb to end the war as quickly as possible,

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