Why the Employee Engagement Survey is Out of Date

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May 25, 2015

Abstract The objective of this project is to examine a current article and determine the capacity to analysis the current event by developing a rational summary (Schinker, 2015). This article is about the review of a somewhat outdated management method that has recently been given an updated title. The company examined within the article can be any kind of general company and is intended to be used as an illustration of what any company is able of transforming (Schinker, 2015). This is article is intended to demonstration what is not functioning within a company and how that company can go about revamping their method of providing an enjoyable work experience. Current Event Summarization The article that I found for my current event was “Why the employee engagement survey is out of date?” and is basically a summarization of another article titled “It’s Time To Rethink The ‘Employee Engagement’ Issue” with an ultimate resolution. So to begin the author of “It’s Time To Rethink The ‘Employee Engagement’ Issue” is Josh Bersin and based off of my article he argues that the conventional yearly engagement survey is invalid and unnecessary (Red, 2015). Bersin asks for more of an all-inclusive, unified, and instantaneous method to assessing and pushing for greater amounts of associate dedication and desire (Bersin, 2014). The most noted yearly engagement survey developer was actually Gallup who created the initial survey over 30 years ago (Bersin, 2014). Gallup was initially motivated by the industrial engineer Frederick Taylor’s work of the late-1800s (Bersin, 2014). Taylor was the first to notice the increased associate satisfaction on the steel business’ production rates (Bersin, 2014). My article continues to explain that Bersin has an argument that allows us to understand that this old evaluation standard is no longer applicable due to the fact that there are currently too many types of surveying tools used to gauge associate engagement (Red, 2015). The first reason why this evaluation standard is no longer applicable is because the standard is just too constricted (Red, 2015). Based off of my article Bersin implies that the conventional engagement survey is not as comprehensive as it could be (Red, 2015). Developing work societies mean redefining most management designs, the job atmosphere, and even the labor force itself which normally are excluded from most surveys (Red, 2015). Therefore, Bersin goes on to state that companies have to look past these aspects of engagement and come up with innovated ways to make their associates feel wanted and cherished (Red, 2015). Types of ways my article says this is possible could be by providing snack rooms, rooms to relax in, and even ways to eliminate stress such as yoga or a masseuses (Red, 2015). The other reason why this evaluation standard is no longer applicable is because the term engagement is misleading (Red, 2015). Based off of my article it states that Bersin even has a problem with the term “engagement” he says that engaging a company’s associates is no longer adequate (Red,

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