Why Smoking Should be Banned

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I believe that tobacco and cigarettes should be banned from the United States. Smoking is one of the top causes of deaths that can be preventable, not just in America but all around the world. Of course, it does not seem dangerous at first but after continuous use of these things, they can be very harmful to you and your body.

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The smoke is also dangerous because not only does it damage your lungs from breathing it in but it also harms the lungs of those breathing in the smoke you exhale that are around you. They cause cancer and have major side effects that will live with you your whole life. My grandpa’s father actually died of lung cancer. He started smoking at the age of 12. Some people I know have even started smoking younger than that. Tobacco and the other ingredients in cigarettes are toxic for your body. They are addictive which causes your body to rely on the substance. It also costs a great amount of money when you add in how much you spend on them. It is overall a thing that is not good for you and your health and can end up being deadly.

Tobacco and smoking cigarettes have been around for ages. Back in the 1800’s – 1900’s everyone smoked and chewed tobacco. Leading towards the 2000’s is when scientists really began to look at how bad for you it really is. The tobacco crop was first acknowledged around 6,000 B.C. and was originally found in the Americas. In 1492, when Christopher Columbus first set foot on what is now the North American continent, he was greeted by Indians. They brought the explorers many gifts, one of those gifts being a dried-up leaf of a tobacco plant. Back in those days, Native Americans smoked the tobacco leaves for medical and religious reasons. The addictive plant was always around but it became very popular in the 1770’s, during the time of the Revolutionary War.

Tobacco was used by the revolutionaries to pay back the loans they were getting from France (Tobaccofreelife.org, 2018). Now, it is used as a variety of things, most commonly it is rolled into cigarettes and cigars and is smoked. It can also be used as something you can chew. In 1906 the government created a Food and Drugs Act. This was the first food and drug law and was used to tax people for buying these certain goods. In the original act there was no reference to tobacco. However, when it was revised in 1914, they added that tobacco only be included when used to cure, mitigate, or prevent disease. The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act of 1938 included jurisdiction in cases where the manufacturer or seller has made medical claims with their products.

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