Why Should Employee Skills and Abilities Be Developed

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What is employee development? Employee development is a kind of connection, continuous effort on the part of an employee and the organization for which employee works to upgrade the employee’s knowledge, skills, and abilities. Successful employee development need to find a balance between an individual’s career needs, goals and the organization’s need in order to get work done and achieve company goals. Employee development programs make positive contributions to organizational performance. A company with highly skilled employees and supervisor and achieve more than those company lack of developed and stillness employees. Why Should Employee Skills and Abilities Be Developed? Most of the research hold the same belief that employee development programs make positive contributions to organizational performance. Compared with training new staffs and retaining an employee saves the organization a great deal of money. One mean of retention is to provide opportunities to employees’ and develop new skills. In research conducted to assess what retained employees, development was one of the top three retention items. Thus we can understand the importance of employee development to a successful organization. The follow two articles will discuss about company through what kind of method to develop employees’ skill and knowledge. Journal one: Corporate intranets: how can they give a new meaning to training and development? By Keithe Denton Introduction According to a report form BMF, large companies have increased their investment on training employees. This increase compared with year 2004 (2005,2004) is 4 percent, 2005 $1,424 per employee. But here comes a question such large money put into IT does it really help the groups to training and develop their employees? And this does really use properly? Rethinking the purpose of IT Peter Drucker who is the most famous person in management area, he believed that information technology has almost no impaction on management decision-making. His viewpoint comes from the way that organizations use the corporate intranet technology. Most companies use intranet just as an electronic library. In fact, intranet can do more that. It can help the employees to see whether their behavior, decision and activities match the need of group objectives. Intranet also can display a clear picture about where the organization is headed and how it is doing to the group members. It can cut the gab between management expectation and performance through display the information on employees’ Desktop PCs. Intranet provide the company’s objectives to employees in order to achieve it. Matching theory to reality Normally, when an organization put their assumption into practice they meet the problem. That is the assumptions cannot execute well by employees. This happened because human resource managers lack the awareness of employees’ sentiments and do not how to collect information from them and give feedback. Even through almost companies have information collect and feedback system to solve this problem but it seems not work as well as the intranet does. Intranet collect information and give feedback, even under a fast-changing business conditions. Intranet can provide information to decision makers what things are going on within the group.

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