Why Prostitution Should Be Legal

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‹Prostitution has been illegal since the early 1900’s, studies have recently began and the results are concluding that prostitution has more benefit than negatives. The reason that prostitution isn’t legal, isn’t necessarily a morality reason, it is a potential health and safety hazard and is ultimately a fiscal responsibility. This is why it should be legalized.

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Sex is a consensual act, a natural right and one’s prerogative but if you charge for this act, you’re committing a crime? According to Webster Dictionary, the definition of prostitution is the act or practice of engaging in promiscuous sexual relations especially for money. In the United States, this act is considered illegal but should it? Nevada allows prostitution in licensed brothels but require routinely test for STDs, should other states join? Because prostitution is a source of income, therefore prostitution should be legal in the United States since the legalization would make sex workers healthier, prostitution is a victimless crime and because the legalization would protect sex workers from heinous crimes.

‹Prostitution is something that has been around for hundreds of years, many women and men use this as a source of income for their families and to survive in this world. Being that prostitution is illegal, men and women are often forced to pursue their career in unsafe environments, with poor quality resources. If prostitution was legalized, sex workers would be allowed to receive better health resources. According to an essay Legalization of Prostitution, the legalization of prostitution will provide a safer environment for the people involved in the sex transaction. The essay mentions that the majority of legalized brothels have mandated that every person that works at the brothel be required to take blood test on the regular basis. (Ray,29) The obvious benefit of functioning in this matter is that it keeps both the sex worker, the clientele and anyone else they may have sexual intercourse with safe. The transmission of the HIV virus can be terminal and thus prevention is crucial. ‹

One of the biggest tragedies that is associated with prostitution is teenage sex trafficking. Many underage girls and boys are harbored into the illegal sex trade every day, this is partially because there is no form of restriction or restraint over prostitution in America.

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