Why Millennials Not Getting Married?

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 Millennials are not getting married as much as people did in previous generations because of many reasons. The reasons are, that some Millennials are not financially stable, some are not ready to start a family yet, some are just not ready to give a commitment, and some think that they are too young. According to time.com, about 20% of Americans older than 25 had always been single in 2012.

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Each decade, the percentage of people of marriageable age who are single has grown (Luscombe 2014). The two reasons why people give for their singlehood are that they have not found the right person and aren’t financially stable enough.

Firstly, millennials are not getting married as much as people did in previous generations because they have not found the right person. Millennials prefer someone who has a secure job, who they may be compatible with, and who have similar thoughts and opinions. People in previous generations would get married because they did not have many preferences of what they wanted in a person, and the world was not as well developed as it is right now. People in previous generations did not have a high standard of thinking than that of Millennials have in this generation. Seeing how well-developed the world is right now, most millennials will not rush into something like marriage because they are most probably aware that a marriage needs dedication and some scarification. Millennials who are rushing into marriage without being one-hundred percent sure, end up getting a divorce, losing interest in the other person, and/or getting side-tracked.

Young adulthood is a time when people are vested in themselves.

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