Why is Human Trafficking Popular Today?

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When a person thinks of the word trafficking automatically they refer to the definition of trading something whether it be an item, animal or humans. Human trafficking is defined according to the Polaris Project (2016) as a form of modern day slavery where people profit from others’ loss of freedom. There is not just one particular citizen that fits this description. Everyone can be affected by this action especially children in the sex trade industry, adults over the age of 18 who are tricked into commercial acts of sex. Of course those are the typical ones that are affected but no one thinks about the bigger picture. There are so many more types of children and adults that are pulled into this life not by choice but by force. According to the U.S. Federal Law on the Prostitution of Children in code 18 U.S.C ?§ 1591- Sex trafficking of children or by force, fraud, or coercion is unlawful. Many children that have unstable homes are a great target for people who are looking to traffic humans. Children that are in an environment that they feel they can not deal with tend to run away. Runaways are a very big target market for pimps looking to exploit them. When the victim is a female they are at a greater risk when they are running away from their own homes, youth homes, group homes, foster care and other treatment facilities. Women are of course the main target. Many of them get caught up because of the sex industry. Experts have reported that within 48 hours of running away, an adolescent is likely to be approached to participate in prostitution or another form of commercial sexual exploitation (Spangenberg, 2001). Nationally, the average age at which girls first become exploited through prostitution is 12“14 years old, but direct service providers around the country report they have been encountering increasingly younger victims over the past decade (Estes & Weiner, 2001; Lloyd, 2005). Homeless youth are also at risk because they lack employment, funds, interpersonal skills and the basic family dynamics that includes support and nurturing from their families. Prostitution and pornography are sure ways many women get caught up in the system. Young women find themselves running away from home and ending up in the streets doing prostitution to make ends meet. Some women end up in the porn industry because of the quick cash they can make for each movie they put out. This is the breeding ground where old school pimps find their new bait and catch these women in a web of deceit and lies. Although the terms prostitution and human traffic have different meanings, the debate of exploitation for sex is common among the two concepts because there is a gain for the pimp which is the money they make for the girls turning tricks (MacKinnon, 2011). Many women and men think that prostitution is by choice. Unfortunately, pimps are trafficking women and even men against their will. There are certain criteria Human Traffickers look for in the product they will sell to those who use forced labor “ gullibility,

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