Why College Athletes Deserve a Salary

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The NCAA was created in 1905 with help by Theodore Roosevelt. When the late president helped organize this organization he never would have believed the success and popularity over the years. The Ncaa started out to be a place where young athletes could go to further their career.

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Now the Ncaa is a 11 billion dollar industry. How much of that money goes to education or the players less than ten percent. These young athletes barely can manage in the these circumstances some go hungry and even some go clothless. Even though these athletes aren’t given a salary they still are given many accentitives. Most college players are given stipends of two hundred to three hundred dollars a month. Lets not forget that these players get a free college. But to further prove the point this still is not enough. College players dedicate their lives to these sports in college hoping to grow pro but let’s face it alot don’t make it pro. These players who don’t go pro have received nothing but a college scholarship in classes they barley attended. Players are said to be given the chance of a lifetime to compete in the closest thing to professional sports, but that’s not true all these players do is go out and risk their bodys every time they go to play.

But some may say its their choice to play so why should they be paid? These players are given some incentives but not enough. Players are given scholarships but those scholarships can be taken away at anytime the player starts do bad or gets seriously injured. Colleges take advantage of these players names. The average jersey sales for around one hundred and ten dollars. A fraction of jersey sales alone could help players financially. College players are not always in it for the money, a lot of the players come from poor families. These players go into this with the mentality that they need to hurry up and get drafted to change their families lives. People who come from poor families understand this alot better when you grow up in a family barely making ends meet. When you have an ability to change that outcome why not do it. This causes players declare for the draft a lot earlier then they should. The best thing for Athlete is to stay and develop their craft in college. But when u have a chance to make millions why not go for it. If these players made a little bit of money they could send their families that could impact their whole life. But also help these players become better athletes. This makes players have an urgent decision either try to go make money or stay in college and watch your family go thru four more years of struggling.

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