Who was Truly Responsible for the Corruption on Animal Farm

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In the Allegorical and Dystopian novella Animal farm by George Orwell, the reader meets an array of characters, all of which represent or symbolize a real person or group of people during a major period of Russian political upheaval. We first meet Mr. Jones who is a human character who represent the neglectful leaders of Russia.

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We then meet the animals, including, Boxer, Old Major, Napoleon, Clover, Mollie, and Snowball. Then we are shown how the animals are being mistreated by Mr. Jones. The animals then begin to rally and decide that they should not have to deal with the abuse of Mr. Jones. They attack the other workers on the farm and drive the Jones’s off the farm.

Most of the story discusses how the farm is led after the humans are gone. The farm, in many ways, was very prosperous when the revolution began. The animals were given an education, the reading and writing classes were however a great success, which made them feel equal to the humans because they were now learning in the same way the humans did. The farm was becoming more prosperous in that, Everyone worked according to their own capacity, which made the farm a happier place to work in, and the more work was awarded with more food and better arrangements. This all went exceptionally well for some time, yet the upheaval at that point took an extraordinary defeat. The creature’s opportunity and singularity were gradually removed.

Napoleon removed the dog’s opportunity by “”making them bow, “” and obey him as it were.

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