Who Was George Washington?

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Everybody knows who George Washington is, he is on the dollar bill, Mount Rushmore, and is taught in every U.S. history class. What many people don’t acknowledge about President Washington was his life before he even was George.

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The irony in his victory against the British was the fact that he came from an English family. His great-great-grandfather, John Washington, migrated to the new world to purchase land in the Westmoreland County in Virginia. There, John married Anne Pope and relocated to bridge creek. After that little is known about the Washington family until Lawrence Washington, John’s grandson came into the picture. Lawrence then had Augustine, John, and Mildred. It was Washington’s father, Augustine Washington, who married Jane Butler, the daughter of Caleb Butler. Together they had 4 children, unfortunately, 2 passed away only leaving his 2 sons Lawrence, who was born in 1718 and Augustine Jr who was born in 1720. Another sad event occurred with the Washington family when Jane died on November 24th, 1728. Two years later, Augustine married Marry Ball who was the daughter to Colonel Ball. They both had a total of six children consisting of 4 sons and 2 daughters. Their first born together was George who came into the world on February 22nd in 1732. Following after the were, Samuel, John Augustine, Charles, Elizabeth, and Mildred. Painfully, another infant death occurred with the youngest Mildred.

After George was born, it wasn’t long until his father moved one more. It was the town Fredericksburg where most Georges childhood would lie. In the meadows by his house, George would play in his playground. As he matured, George went on to school. His education was the best that the neighborhood he lived in could offer. His older brother Lawrence received his education In England. George looked up to Lawrence because of his radiance of manliness and manners (Irving 34). Later, Lawrence was given the duty to be a captain of a new regiment. Many believe that George learned to be a great leader from Lawrence.

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