Who Was Frederick Douglass?

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Who was Frederick Douglass and why is he so important you may ask? Well, Frederick Douglass was a African American slave who escaped slavery using a sailorr’s uniform and fake identification papers. He had made two previous failed attempts when he was in his teenage years. When he escaped, he wrote an autobiography called the Narrative Life of Frederick Douglass. Frederickr’s early life, adulthood, and education, and literary impact helped to influence and change American literature forever.

He was born February 14 of 1818. His mother had a hard time during her pregnancy with Frederick Douglass. When he was born his mother became a slave. It was hard to raise and take care of a child to make sure the child is healthy while being a slave. His mother died when he was only ten years old and growing up as a son of a mother who was a slave was difficult. He was sent later after his motherr’s death to serve a family named The Auld Family that lived in Baltimore. The family that he was sent to had a wife who was willing to teach him the alphabet. He soon slowly started learning how to read and write. Mr. Auld was not very pleased when he found out that she was teaching Douglass. He forbid her from teaching him anymore. Although it wasn’t a long time that Douglass was being taught to read and write, he was grateful for the time that she took out of her day to teach him the most that she could. Douglass was a smart kid, he slowly soon taught himself how to read and write like any other white kids who went to school to learn.

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During Fredericks adulthood he had met a wonderful woman named Anna Murray who soon changed his life. Anna had helped him escape slavery at the age of twenty. Frederick Douglass had a huge hatred for slavery, he had thought that slavery was not right. It was unfair the way colored woman,

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