Who is the Defendant in the Trial of Twelve Angry Men?

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In a murder trial in which a young man is accused of the death of his father in rather strange circumstances, it is here that 12 members of a jury take the responsibility of deciding whether or not the young man is guilty of said murder and based on reasons, they must decide their guilt. The evidence and the witnesses in principle was only one of them doubt about the certainty of guilt, the other juries think that the young man is guilty and one of the jurors that is an older person says that the young man should be taken to the electric chair. We know that it is not easy to decide for the death of someone, many of the members are under pressure to have strong reasons to accept or raise new reasons to consider forceful the sentence that should be given to the young person, in addition to this pressure they are gathered in an environment It increases the tensions and this affects psychologically several of them, and according to my analysis, a constant in several of them is that they get carried away by feelings or past experiences to provide a position, which is not acceptable.

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The first jury that is in favor of innocence considers that a better communication between them is necessary, and seeing how the life of the young accused was, he tells others that he can not judge the young person for his life when he was little or where he was born.

According to the witnesses who mentioned that they saw the young man murder his father, which at first glance is surprising for many of them, the first reason why the young man should not be considered guilty is to see the young person’s supposed motivation to do so. Killing his own father, what could, perhaps, perhaps he wanted to do it because he was angry, the young man who grew up in a family full of problems and abuse and that his father had beaten him since he was five years old. But one of the juries that argues that, despite having grown up in an environment similar to that of the accused, tries to make others come into reason. Bearing in mind that despite the fact that the jury was present during the trial process and that it gives us to understand that it was for a long time, what convinced many of the guilty parties, put in doubt the lawyers, the evidence and the witnesses, which is a key piece to solve the problem and the first test analyzes the use of the weapon with which the father died, that by its appearance is a special knife and where the young man also affirms that he went to the cinema while the murder occurred and / or not to lie,

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