Who Is Responsible For Increased Opioid Crisis In America?

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Opioid epidermis or crises is defined as rapid increase of using opioid drugs. The opioid drugs can be prescript or not. Those responsible with prescribing usage of these painkillers are pharmaceutical man and woman. As a result of increased use and addiction of these opioid drugs, have raised questions on who should be responsible for its crisis. Many think that pharmacists are the one to be blamed and others argue that the blame lies to the consumers. As a result of abuse of painkillers most consumers have not been following doctors prescriptions on drug usage resulting to death of individuals. Concurrent use of painkillers has resulted to addiction in a manner that patients cannot do without them. Opioid abuse is rampant in most states where paramedics are spending a lot of time addressing overdose cases and increased cases of death resulting from the same. In a survey conducted in 2012 disclosed that pharmaceuticals were able to supply prescribe opioid drugs to every man, woman and children with at least sixty eight pills each. Twenty percent of the total state population was discovered opioid prescribed. This increased overdose deaths among the citizens. The thesis here is who is responsible for this crises? Attorney generals, advocates lawyers and judges have tried to find out through the courts whether pharmaceuticals can be legally held accountable and pay back for the crises. Although there have been good precedent, especially a suit that was filed by state against tobacco industry in 1998 which compelled the industry to take charge for all treatments relating to smoking diseases. The industry was also forced to fund all ad campaign against use of tobacco substances and public health facilities. Similarly attorney general of Ohio’s state and many other civilians have filed cases against all pharmacies. (Sam Quinones, 21). According to G. Jean Kinney, they allege that these pharmaceutical companies has been spending millions of cash in advertising and marketing these opioid drugs showing that they had no adverse effect to the consumer by exaggerating their benefits.

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