Who Benefits From Standardized Testing?

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Standardized testing has become a fundamental part of the American education system. Students are tested frequently from elementary school, through high school. Many people believe that these standardized tests establish a valuable and accurate measure of students success.

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However, others say they do more harm than good by limiting the scope of education. There are numerous sources which benefit from standardized testing, For instance; college admission, public schools, large testing companies, test preparation companies, and more. We align standardized tests and the results of them, with achievement, intelligence, aptitude, and understanding. Those who oppose our standardized testing culture spit back all the things you cannot sufficiently summarize by filling in a bubble, arguing that these tests aren’t examinations of realistic ability, but rather, an unreliable way of forcing rank. Tests like the ACT and SAT are often met with annoyance, dread or indifference. Nevertheless, standardized tests have certain benefits. Some are obvious, such as helping applicants gain admission to a college or university, along with possible scholarship opportunities. In addition (source here) states that “Popular academic course options like Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and dual enrollment, in which a student enrolls in college courses and earns college credit while still in high school, while it is also possible to earn credit with just a standardized test score.” Furthermore, Students will take tests throughout their college careers. While the nature of these tests may change at the university level, the content on AP, ACT and SAT exams, are intended to help prepare high school students for the rigors of college.

First and foremost, on the topic of education. colleges and universities benefit from standardized testing on a multitude of levels. Colleges and universities can use test scores to get a broad idea of a student’s academic ability. For many college admission officers, standardized tests provide a neutral yardstick for gauging student potential and performance. Admission tests apply a common standard to everyone. This helps colleges evaluate and compare the preparation of students who go to different high schools. All schools do not offer the same academic programs, learning environments or even expectations. Colleges look at your test scores, along with your high school grades and courses, to see how well prepared you are for college-level work. College admission officers try to get a complete picture of who you are, what you’ll bring to their campus and how you might do on their campus. They look at many parts of your application besides your test scores, such as; high school grades, high school courses, extracurricular activities, recommendation letters, application essays, and more. The importance of test scores in the admission process varies from college to college and depends on an institution’s admission approach and policies. Each college has its own policy. Some colleges, including more selective colleges,

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