Where There Is a Will There Is a Way

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Will is a power that can move even mountains. In simple words we may call it determination. The proverb which forms the subject of this essay, emphasis’s the importance of will or determination. It means that a man of determination can do what he likes. By the power of will he can have his way in everything. Ifs and buts are the mutterings of weakness, for all difficulties vanish when confronted with will-force, as do thieves when boldly faced. Even a cursory study of the history of human civilization tells us that all great things have always been achieved by men of will. Great men become great because from childhood onward they had willed to be great. The notable achievements of science, art and literature are all the result of endeavors of men of will who worked against heavy odds to achieve their goals. A few examples would suffice to drive the point home. Columbus could discover America only because he stood firm lode rock against all the storms of difficulties that threatened him. Nothing could deter him from the path that he had chosen for himself. Mr. nd Madam Curie could discover Radium- a great boon to humanity-only because they were persons of will, prepared to lay down even their lives in the pursuit of their ideal. Great conquerors, like Napoleon or Hitler, were all men of determination whose will force carried everything before it. Coming nearer home, we get the inspiring example of Hillary and Tenzing whom, not even all the dangers of high altitudes could weaken in their resolve to reach the top of Everest. Urged by immense will-force, Gandhiji demonstrated to the conclusively showed that it is will that counts and not the physical might. While men of will can have their way in all things,

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