When You’ve Lost Your Faith

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I was just 14 years old when I had gotten accepted into Wake STEM Early College High School. Wake STEM is a high school that focused mainly on the subjects of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Wake STEM was also partnered with North Carolina State University, which was one of the colleges I wanted to go to growing up.

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Everything was great when I had heard that I had gotten into the school. I thought it would get me into the college that I had wanted to go to and I could start playing football (because I wasn’t going to the normal schools that were big on sports and had the teams already predetermined). During the summer before my freshman year of high school, my mom would take me to Athens Drive High School early in the morning for football practice. Athens Drive was the school that students at Wake STEM would have to go to if they chose to play sports because the school had no sports of their own. For football practice, I would have to be at Athens Drive and be dressed for practice by 7 a.m. The first day I got to Athens Drive for practice I was a bit late. As I arrived I saw the team stretching on the practice football field, as I started walking toward the locker room I felt a pit in my stomach and wanted to turn back around, but I kept walking.

As I stepped into the building I met the head coach in person. He looked at me and said You must be Shaun as he gave me a firm handshake. I told him that I was, and he walked me to the locker room and unlocked the door as he told me to put my cleats on and get dressed for practice. He showed me to my locker and put my name on a piece of duct tape and stuck it on the locker door. I had already been dressed for practice, so I put my cleats on and placed my shoes and my drawstring bag in the locker. The coach and I walked to a cart and got on and he started driving us to the field. As we got closer to the field he asked me what position I played and I said I had never played before but I was good at throwing the football and I wanted to try quarterback so he brought me over to where the quarterbacks were stretching. I got off the cart and started stretching with the other quarterbacks. There were five other quarterbacks; Farley, Otumus, David, Tre, and Will. After we were done stretching we all introduced ourselves and started doing drills.

The quarterback coach was Coach Stephens, he played quarterback at the University of Florida and at the University of North Carolina.

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