What was the environment in which you were raised?

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Varanasi, a small town in India forms my background where I have been raised and lived together with my family members. Being the first born, life has not been easy following the economic status of parents where my father was only the breadwinner in the family and only worked as a local electrician with the salary of USD 6,500/per year. However, my parents did all their best to ensure we lived better despite the little earnings to support all the family needs. During my childhood, I remained very close to my father which greatly exposed to technology and I developed interests to learn more about. I remember how I engaged my father in the evening to ask about some gadgets and how they can be made since I wanted to learn much about it. However, my parents wanted me to get the education first which they thought was the best rather than focusing on technology which was my curiosity to learn. With the effort of my parents, I got a school around our home area which was a bit expensive and most of the times I would spend at home due to fees debts. Being the only child who had joined a school in my neighborhood, everyone hated me and they actually celebrated when I was sent home for fees. However, this did not change my life and focus despite most of my friends abandoning me after their parents instructed them to isolate from me in whatever we do. Naturally, I love learning new things which will involve exploring and practical rather than getting what has already been prepared in books and theories. This trait led me to develop a conflict with teachers as I always complained we needed to do much of practical than the notes given in the class.

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