What makes a good teacher?

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What makes a good teacher? The teaching profession today has greatly advanced and changed due to the demanding and calling characteristic of teachings. Teachers are not only trusted to bring out the personalities of the young people but the world is highly concerned with quality of work being delivered by the teachers and their output. Educating the young ones is also one of the most demanding duties It requires commitment, strong devotion and willingness to help the young learn properly.

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It calls for one possess skills like; class control, wider mastery of subject matter in his or her area of specialization.

To begin with, the zeal to educate the young nation and possession of adequate proficiency of the material. During their training in the teacher training centerss, the teacher gains enough knowledge to enable him execute his duties effectively. Committed teachers go extra miles to research further to be equipped. Building and keeping the profession up to date is one of the feature that defines a good teacher. Serious teacher do not rely on the outdated information and routine ways of teaching, they keep updating themselves professionally in order to deliver quality services to their students during the teaching-learning process. Love and passion towards a subject enables the teacher to search for knowledge in their subject area and thus the teacher remains updated.

In addition, being friendly and approachable enhances the teacher’s position and relation with students. Teachers are facilitators of teaching-learning process that is meant to impart knowledge and skills to the students. This calls for the good teacher to be sociable , therefore they have to be friendly and easily accessible to the student .

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