What Made The American Revolution

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What made the American Revolution, so revolutionary was the independence America gained after defeating Great Britain, and the disappearance of nobility thereafter. Because America had won the war, change had swept the nation unlike ever before. America officially becoming a republic after breaking away from Great Britain, which at the time of the revolution had been a constitutional monarchy. Although slavery still continued, free black men were allowed the right to vote.

Furthermore, as an independent nation America no longer had to comply with the regulations of Navigation Acts. As a result of newfound independence, America broke away from Great Britain becoming a democracy, allowing people the right to vote, and no longer having to abide by the Navigation Acts, changing America from a colony to a nation.

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After the Revolutionary War, political structures in America began to change. Due to America breaking away from Great Britain and adopting a new political system, a republic. Additionally, it allowed free blacks and white males the right to vote, although it typically was rich white males that would vote. At the same time nobility had started to quickly disappear seeing that Great Britain had lost the war with America, no longer holding the same power they once did during Colonial America. On top of that there is also the Royal Proclamation of 1763, an event in Colonial America that had changed, because of the revolution.

To begin with, the Royal Proclamation of 1763 was the halt of westward expansion into West America by the British. Specifically, to avoid further confrontation with Native Americans and to focus more on trade, dismissing the American desire to expand west. With the Royal Proclamation ending after American independence, countless Americans strived to gain land outside the thirteen colonies. Notably, at the same time of these political changes the roles of women remained the same.

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