What Is Time Management?

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What is time management? Time management is a short-range planning, time attitude, long-range planning on academic performance. Unfortunately, there are many temptations around us so that we cannot finish our goal on time. Time management plays a vital role in improving a studentr’s academic performance.

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According to Zhang and RiCharde, 1998, the top three reasons why students drop out of college are the inability to handle stress, lack of commitment, and the realization of the gap between expectations and college realities. As a student in MMU, we like to carry out a study about the impact of time management in academic achievement. From our studies, we found some of the impacts of time management which is the student will have a proper planning, their stress level would be reduced, the student will be more self-efficiency.

First, the student would have a proper planning and time management, which is support by Patton (2012). McFadden and Dart, 1992 who reported an influence of total study time on expected grade outcome, support this belief. Some of the MMU students are having a part-time job after their classes, therefore, the amount of total study time will be reduced. It is commonly assumed that students who spent more time studying will receive much better grades than students who have only limited time to study. Due to part-time working job students are suffering from lack of study time, their grades are expected to be lower. Previous studies, which was study by Nonis and Hudson, 2006 and Strauss et al., 2002, explored the relationship between the number of hours worked per week and college students academic.

Students often thought that the amount of time they have spent for studying and doing homework will decide whether they will receive good grades or not because they tend to focus on how long they studied instead of how well they remembered the subject or material. Gose, 1998 reported that 39 per cent of college freshman are working 16 hours or more per week, and projected annual increases in the number of students who work while attending school. Nonis and Hudson, 2006 suggested that professors might be expecting less from students in order for them to fulfil multiple requirements and meet good grades. However, the relationship between the amount of time dedicated to working and academic performance is not always clear. Nonis and Hudson, 2006 found no clear influence between hours spent on working and GPA outcomes. Similarly, Light (2001) explored the relationship between workload and grades among college students and found that students who work more hours per week reported higher grades.

Besides that, a good time management can cut the level of stress. If students were too stressed, it can interfere with their ability to interpret and memorize the knowledge that they learnt in their studies as well as achieving a good result in their academic.

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