What is the Impact of the Gender Diversity on Firm Performance?

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What is the Impact of the Gender Diversity on Firm Performance? Submitted to: Submitted by: Contents Chapter 1: Introduction Background of the study Corporate governance Gender representation on corporate boards Aims and objectives of this research Structure of this research Ethical considerations Limitations References:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Background of the study

In the corporate World, certain combativeness surrounds everything, be it the stacks of money or just the signature stationery. All of the objectives need to be defined, all of the facts drawn up, and all of the necessary measures taken so that everything is as close to perfection as achievable. The market is as competitive as ever, and it is a race for the first price. It is understandable then that why most every firm wants to avoid additional pressure in the case of a bad judgment or error (Tricker, 2012). Monks and Minow (2011) have discussed that there are several factors that rule the progress of such a firm, the employees, and the balance in the gender representation, the performance, the revenue, the management and the corporate governance. The inefficiency in even one of these aspects can bring a whole structure down to earth. Their relationship has been a heavy topic of discussion, and facts and figures are drawn up from the workings of virtually every firm so that the patterns can be studied and worked upon. Since all of these factors are relatives, gender equality also tends to lead to a better performance. It brings a pool of fresh talent, and secures the dedication of the trustworthy employees. The company is always innovative, owing to the different people, of diverse races and gender, voicing arguments and working together. All of this leads to a better working environment, that is rich in its resources but stern in its goals (Larcker and Tayan, 2013). By close observation of these patterns, it can be deduced that a good corporate policy that skims over all the social enigmas, is elementary in introducing gender diversity, which in turn proceeds to a secure and efficient teamwork. And only then can a prosperous enterprise value be foreseen (Tricker, 2012). In today’s society, it is not sufficient merely to progress, and to have a profitable expanse. To have a positive outcome in all your doings, your PR and reputation tends to matter more than even the investments sometimes. Corporate governance factors in outlining the objectives of a company, and the rules and regulations it works by. It keeps all the proceedings in check, and hence lays a foundation upon which the organization is based. Only when all these processes are controlled, can a company think of running smoothly and efficiently (Teigen, 2012). The issue of gender equality has garnered great limelight in the recent present, with huge focus upon the rights of women. And the evolution of media has also led to a revolution in our World. Gender diversity in the workplace is now a worldwide issue,

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