What is the Cause of Suicide?

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Herodotus said in his book, When life is so burdensome death has become a sought after refuge. It is strange that the progress that came with more means of luxury, comfort and more facilities for the human, who met with more rejection, anger and resentment. We have seen suicide statistics rise with the indicators of progress in each country, The more civilian country cause the greater of suicide rate.

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They throw themselves out of the windows, swallow the poison and the suicide hidden by alcohol, drugs, smoking, hypnotics, painkillers and stimulants, also in the forefront of these suicide pioneers of art and thought and culture people come back to take wisdom science and guidance. So, the wave was full of newspaper columns news of swallowing poison and shooting, hanging and burning. The specialists said that the proportion of statistical increase exceeded 20%, is a large number, and the increase continues year after year.

The question is. Why? What is the secret? What is the cause of suicide?

If we left the details aside and tried to root the problem, we found all the causes of suicide end to one reason, we are in front of a person who missed his expectations and no longer find in himself the resolve or the determination or even willingness to reconcile with the new reality or patience on the old reality. It is a moment that runs out of energy to impatience and runs out of stunt and exhaustion.

The moment of shedding weapons, despair, soon turn to the accusation and condemnation of others in the world, then enmity to the self and others, continues to escalate and worsen until it turns into a war of a different kind announced by one on himself and launched on the inside, and at the height of the peak taking the weapon to uproot the problem from its roots, also to take off with it the bitter feeling and the blushing of the eye that sees, cut the tongue that tasted, destroy the brain that thinks, destroy the hand that is doing thing and the foot that walks. It is a kind of monopolistic opinion and a monopoly on the solution and the confiscation of all other opinions, but denial of the right to every existence other than the self.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that nearly one million people die every year, although only 25 of them have asked for help from hospitals to protect themselves from them in the last five years.Suicide is the second leading cause of death among people aged 25-34, the third leading cause among people aged 15-24, while the age group between 45 and 54 recorded the highest female suicide rate, while males recorded the highest suicide rate among the age of 75.

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