What is Teen Pregnancy?

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Teen pregnancy is when a teen, nineteen or younger, has a child. This can lead to numerous problems, as it is a child having a child. Most teenage moms don’t graduate high school and have a harder time supporting themselves. Teen pregnancy negatively affects teen moms because it leads to health issues, a lower chance of getting a good education, and gives them a higher chance to use/abuse drugs.

First, teenage moms experience a variety of health issues. Most relate to depression, which can lead to a mother harming herself or her kid. Depression isn’t just caused by childbirth, but society around her as well. Most people frown upon teenagers having kids, which could make the mother feel horrible about herself. Society would be constantly judging her, and since she isn’t an adult, she wouldn’t know how to deal with it. The health issues aren’t just for her. Her baby has a higher chance of being born with disabilities. Some parents today can’t deal with debilitated children, and putting it on a teen is even worse.

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Second, teen moms have a lower chance of getting a better education. What follows is a scenario. You’re a teenager, you have a minimum wage job, and homework takes a long time to do. Then, you have a baby, and your job money has to be spent on the child. Babies take a lot of work, so your homework is unfinished. Because you don’t do your homework, you start failing classes. You start stressing about it, but the baby is more important. You end up dropping out of school, and take care of the bay full time.

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