What Is Strategic Management Business Essay

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With the economy of the world on development constantly changing for status quo, organization to survive in a competitive environment with the development that it necessary high level of management, so it must be emphasized combined with organizational culture and strategic management (Herry 2008, p.215). Organization can set up a target that brings strategic than the strategic promote culture, in hence the organization must be established target in turn achieved to target of organization (Sahaf 2008, p.45). Because of organizational cultures are unique and offer strategic advantages, it makes complete sense that companies would consider culture in strategic management Strategic management of expert is believes that an effective strategic management must have been caused by the 5 key factors as below: unique of organization value, for the customer that well-designed service chain, interaction with staff, perdurability of organizational survival (Michael 1985). Therefore, the correct understanding and grasp of relationship between strategic management and organization culture which has supplement each other, that to enhance the behavior of the organization and promote corporate quality, rapid, sustained and healthy of development. So I will from understand to the definition of organization culture and strategic management, importance of organization culture and strategic management, relationship between organization culture and strategic management, people who know is the culture of 4 aspects to analysis importance of organization culture to an understanding of strategic management.

What is Organization Culture?

Organization culture in the practice of the socialist market economy and gradually for all employees agrees to comply with the characteristics of the organization values (Schein 2007). The organization culture is formed in the enterprise culture concept, the historical traditions, common values, behavior standard of ideological of organization. Organizations leaders have made to cultural change functionality apply to business (Haasen 2009, p.121). In order to solve the problem in the modern organization management which have produced the “organizational culture”. “The organization culture is modernization of the mass production and the market economy based on new types of management that modern scientific management theory and management target” (Kotter 1992). Whatever it is the development company or has developed a successful company. 1) Implement industry civic duty 2) Trying to improve and enhance social life 3) Contribute to the development of world culture So while there are many definitions of organizational culture, but all of they focus on the same points: routine, collective, experience, beliefs, goals, values and system. These are learned and re-learned, passed on to new staffs, and continues on as part of a organization core identity.

Why it is important of organization culture?

The organizational culture is the soul, the power and the source of the modern organization development (Parker 2009, pp.133-135). Strengthen organization culture, shaping the corporate image and spirit of companies, not only the needs of their own development also fundamental requirement for established economic and cultural. The organization need first as the forerunner to the culture by the transformation of the concept of development, a clear value orientation and adjustment of employee behavior.

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