What is Patriotism?

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What is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a patriot? When I think of a patriot, someone that respects, loves, and is loyal to his country is someone that comes to mind for me. Being in a family that has had multiple people go and serve in the armed forces in different branches and now being deceased, I see the flags that have been passed down to my parents and think these are the real heros.

The past is full of patriots that have helped either shape or help America in some way. During the Revolutionary War the Colonists wanted freedom from the taxation and religious rules that the British had set to control their country and those who left to find a better place. The Colonist fought for what they believed was right and wanted to fight for a country that was not fully developed yet. They had seen the potential that this land could hold and began to shape it into the country we live in today. People like Abraham Lincoln that have made a big difference in the time period are patriots to me because they saw a problem in society and had figured out a way to solve it.

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Today, there are very little patriots because everyone believes that they are above everyone else. Now there are protest during the National Anthem and protesting that certain lives matter more than the other, but people have gone away from what this country was founded on. The separation that is in this country could tear it apart because everyone thinks they are right and will fight till death to prove they are right.

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