What is operations management?

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1. Context

As can be seen from the data collected by the General office for population family planning , the number of divorces, separation and bachelor hood or spinster hood has been on the increase recently. In Ho Chi Minh City alone the bachelors and spinsters account for 28.4%, windows and windowers take up 6.7% divorces occupies 1% and 0.5% is for the separated.

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The tragedy is partly caused by the bustle and hustle of the morden life since people from all walksof life are so busy with their job that they barely have time for other thing such as dating, social gatherings, which results in lack of mutual under standing. Our coffee shop named Venue, with slogan “Venue where emotion begins” is intended to offer dating people an environment to reveal themselves to each other, afew pratical ideas for couples wishing to fight the fade in love, rekindle the romance, strenthen their marrige and a good condition for partners to build up strong relationship.

1.1. Service ideas

In oder for those who who hardly find time to meet with and understand each other to build friendship, strong love and a happy marrige as well as long lasting partnership, our coffee shop has come into being.

The coffee shop has designed its own website easily accessible to anyone who wants to post their personal information such as age, sex, education, occupation, preferences, and marital status must be presented honestly and meet our requirement. Once the name of the coffee shop is on map, the shop will be defintely attractive draw a large number of people to the website so do the advertisers. As result of this, we can make considerable profit from advertising.

1.2. Coffee market research in HCM City and Vietnam.

According to the data from the General statistics office in 2002 each vietnamese averages 1.25 kilogram of coffee annually spending approximately 9000 VND an equivalent of $0.4 per capita. 19.2% of the population drink coffee daily, increasing by 23% on new year holiday. It is remarkable that city dwellers use upto 2.3 kilograms of coffee per year, 2.72 times higher than that of rural people and the former. Also expend 20.280 VND on a cup a year 3.5 times higher than that of the former. According to a survey conducted by Trung nguyen in the 2 biggest cities: HCM and Hanoi,coffee consumers from these cities are aged under 40. Coffee – using habit is closely related to occupation. While the retirees in Hanoi account for the largest number, the business men take up the biggest in HCM city (<23%); closely followed by the students and the number of the retirees is the smallest. The results from the survey also indicate that Hanoians spend 48.000 VND on coffee annually while residents in HCM pay 121000 VND.

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