What is Nutrition?

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Nutrition is the process of taking in food and using it for growth, metabolism and repair” (Medical net). Our body depends on the about of nutrients we eat from carbohydrate, protein, fats, water to function well. The nutrients we eat helps our body to work together to it full capacity. During my 24-hour diet tracking it seems like my eating habits are not the best. I do not eat bad food daily, but I am not getting all of my nutrients.

Due to me working, school, and hanging out with my friends I do not make the best choice when it comes to choosing what to eat. For example, during the 24-hour diet recall I notice that most of my food intake was not part of the five-food group. Most of my food was not heavy food, it was mostly snacks. Tracking my food intake during this 24-hour diet recall help me to realize that my diet is poor. It was hard for me to remember to recall my food intake during the 24-hour because I did not eat a lot daily, but my reminder helps me to recall the food that I ate.

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Hunger and fullness diet tracking reminds me of when I was younger. I remember eating naturally without worrying about anything. For example, when we were born our parents did not count the able of calories or measure the amount of food we were eating. I remember when my little brother was born, my parents will know that it’s time to feed him when he cries and that he’s full when we stop crying. Even though babies have nothing to do with the assignment, but they are a perfect of hunger and fullness diet tracking. For example, most of the time we eat when food is available. It is something we have being doing since we were younger. Sometimes we eat without being hungry, but because we are hanging out with our friends, family members, or at a social function we decide to eat something even though we might be full. During my hunger/fullness food tracking I discover that when I eat certain food my body reacts to it differently. For example, when I eat Jamaican bee patty for breakfast, I will usually feel tired and heavy, but when I eat blue berry muffin two hours later, I felt excited and had more energy. Whenever I eat noodles for dinner, I felt sleepy. I also notice that I ate a lot of chips, and fruit snacks while I was on campus because I was around my friends and will eat them even though I was not hungry. The pros to doing this assignment was me observing how my body feel after eating most of the food I eat daily. One con I notice while during this assignment was,

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