What Is Non Financial Recognition Business Essay

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Companies today are constantly searching for new ways and approaches to recruit new employees with top talent, retain their top talent, and find new ways to motivate employees for maximum productivity. New creative organisations are doing just that, for example “Google”. Google have a unique working environment for their employees so they can focus on creative ideas that produce fantastic new products.

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They reward their employees with benefits like free food all year round, onsite swimming pool and gyms with personal trainers, allowing them to bring their pets to work ect. Men and woman want to do a good job, a creative job and if they are provided the proper environment they will do so. Google and other companies like this use this brilliant aspect to allow employees to be in control of their own time, let them perform with respect and freedom, and enable them to have an agreed common goal. Due to the economic state or countries are in, it isn’t always possible for employees to be rewarded with an increase to their benefits and salary, however, there are other numerous ways one can reward their staff whilst boosting their morale that does not include breaking the bank in the process. This report will illustrate a whole host of alternative motivators that can act to influence employee’s behaviour and embellish employee motivation.

What is non -financial recognition?

Non fina

Theory of motivation and rewards

I think the key to motivation is understanding what someone else’s key objectives are and then working to a line with their role with their objectives into the role of the companies objectives. Obviously they need to make a fit to what they want and where the company is going. According to Armstrong.M (2002), motivation theory examines the process of motivation. It explains why people at work behave in the way they do in terms of their efforts and the directions they are taking. It also describes what organisations can do to encourage people to apply their efforts and abilities in ways which will help to achieve the organisations goals as well as satisfying their own needs. There are two types of motivation Extrinsic Motivation – The motivating factors are external, rewards such as money or grades. These rewards provide satisfaction and pleasure that the task itself may not provide. An extrinsically motivated person will work on a task even when they have little interest in it because of the anticipated satisfaction they will get from some reward. Intrinsic Motivation – Intrinsic motivation refers to motivation that comes from inside an individual rather than from any external or outside rewards, such as money or grades. The motivation comes from the pleasure one gets from the task itself or from the sense of satisfaction in completing or even working on a task.

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