What Is Net Neutrality?

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General Purpose:

To explain what net neutrality is

Specific Purpose:

To persuade the audience the importance of it being a law

Central Idea:

Net neutrality can prevent internet service providers from favoring one internet source over another.


Many people are unaware of net neutrality and how it impacts their internet service.
As more streaming services come available, the internet service providers are wanting to encourage the use of select services.
Their current method to achieve this is by increasing or decreasing the speed of available streaming services. such as Skype or Hulu.

Internet service providers, or ISP, should be required to treat all information and entertainment providers equally and for a flat amount to ensure that the average person will pay a reasonable fee for their services.
Without regulation, these broadband internet providers will continue to increase their cost and limit the type of information and entertainment available to the average person. Only those people that can afford the costly ISP packages will benefit the most and have access to more information and entertainment.

(Transition: To begin with, let’s first focus on understanding the basics of net neutrality.)


What is net neutrality?

To explain net neutrality, it is necessary to first begin with the ISP’s and their connection to media service providers. The media service providers, such as Netflix, Google, and Facebook, reach out to ISP’s to seek using their service to become a customer. These companies establish a contract and a fee focusing on the connection speed they will be providing for customers that are wanting to use the media service provider.
This is when net neutrality comes into play. The ISP’s can offer the media service providers a variety of packages similar to the different types of cable packages you may be familiar with for your television viewing. The better the speed the higher the cost.

Net neutrality stops ISP’s from controlling the speed of the access to different media services. As mentioned before, the speed of the access is established when the media service providers become a customer to the ISP’s.
Larger media providers, such as Netflix, have millions of customers that pay for their service,

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