What is Communism?

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Communism has always been one of the worlds biggest “What if’s” constantly being talked of for its nearly dreamlike ideology and resounding failures that spiraled to cruel dictatorships and mass loss of life. In the novel First they Killed My Father by Loung Ung the detrimental effects of communism on a society were exemplified through true personal accounts by Ung. The goal of communism is to abolish all private property, every person to be equal, and for every person to have equity.

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Though communism may seem appealing as a perfect utopian society that is dreamed of in fantasies, the reality is that a communist government only brings a corrupt dystopian society. In one of the world’s last communist countries in the world Cuba, the average salary is 400 Pesos per month, which in the U.S is equivalent to 30 dollars. “That is in the worlds bottom 5 per capita per month (monthly salary), to this day China has the highest average wage per person for a communist country at 12,472 dollars still, the Capitalist United States average wage per person doubles that of China at 52,292 dollars.”(Wikipedia). At the hands of communism, there has been a total of 149,469,610 deaths to the evil dictatorships and genocide. Just from one decision of government by a group of people millions of tragic and sickening loss of lives that could mount to the destruction of a communities morale and overall mental status. Communism has a destructive impact on society because of the cruel and inequitable principles set by an unfair overruling government.

One of the world’s most disastrous terrors and worst theories ever was created by a German man named Karl Marx and his friend Friedrich Engles living in England during the 1800s. Marx moved to England in the early eighteenth century from his Persian home. He wrote many books on Communism in his career as a politician. Although he was not accepted as a high profiling politician at a convention, he met the man that he would be friends with for many years of his life. Engles was a very wealthy well-respected politician who was invited to many conferences and conventions with other high profile people, many who were direct friends with Winston Churchill. Engles agreed with many of the things Marc presented himself as an intelligent man and agreed with Marx on his theories on government and society. The two would go on and make the biggest impact on human history since Hannibal and the great wars against Ancient Rome. The objective is to Karl Marx Theory of Communism is to “is a common goal ownership of means of production and property. All products are taken straight to the state and evenly distributed to everyone”(Wikipedia). The writing of this theory came during the industrial revolution in England and France during the 1800s.

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