What Happened At Pearl Harbor?

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Throughout many times in history, nations have been challenged with the difficult decision of whether to engage in war with a foreign nation. Not only do these decisions affect the current citizens of the country, but they effect the future generations to come. It is not an easy decision to make.

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Many nations are often unsure and the decision is usually made too late. This often results in the expense of thousands of lives, shown through the devastation of Pearl Harbor. The United States entering the war prior to Pearl Harbor would have made Japan’s attack more difficult and weakened Japan’s opportunity to expand its empire.

Currently, the United States sees itself as a worldly powerhouse. The United States possess a strong economy, dominant democracy, and a powerful military. Despite having all of these great assests, the United States could have easily lost them, by avoiding the entrance of World War II any longer. The attacks on Pearl Harbor did result in the killing of thousands of people, but it did not destroy a large enough portion of the U.S. naval fleet to stifle the country. The rise and spread of dictator ships now had a direct threat on the United States. However, the United States could have completely avoided this situation by getting involved in the war earlier. If the United States had entered the war earlier, the troops would have already been positioned appropriately. Therefore, the military would not have been as caught off guard by the attacks at Pearl Harbor. Not only would a majority of the forces be deployed,

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