What Happened At Pearl Harbor?

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On December 7, 1941, 361 planes launched from six Japanese aircraft carriers and delivered a surprise attack on the American naval base and airfields at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (Why Did Japan Attack Pearl Harbor?). Pearl Harbor is a very important event in American History and changed history. The attack made sure that the United States would enter WWII with the Allies against Japan.

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After the fatal attack on December 7 1941, Americans did everything in their power to save their country and the wounded soldiers on the boats. Multiple hours later, Japan declares war on the United States of America. In fact, about half of the population was from Japan in the United States. Even though, Japanese leaders understood the risks and hazards of attacking the naval base at Pearl Harbor they still did it. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor due to increased need of goods, the new order, and the pacific expansion.

To start with, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on behalf of the increased needs for goods. Japan had imports of goods coming in from the United States. Japan depended on the U.S. for oil, steel, and scrap iron. In fact, about 80% of Japan’s oil came from the United States. Japan especially wanted the oil in order to fuel their boats and planes. According to Document D, Japan had few oil reserves and produced very little of its own oil (Chart). This establishes the fact that Japan relied upon the United States for their trade and goods. The oil that Japan received from different countries were about 10,000 tons of petroleum. The United States was 80% of that from the late 1930’s. According to the timeline by Akira Iriye, The United States freezes all Japanese assets and bank accounts (Document C). President Franklin Roosevelt discontinued trade and didn’t allow Japan to get money from them.

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