What Does It Mean to Be Professional at Work?

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Professionalism can easily be defined by how one carries and conducts him or herself in the workplace. A huge goal, specifically in the healthcare workplace, is to maintain a proper level of professionalism, especially when working in patient care. It is a skill that is developed with practice, experience and a lot of patience.

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In order to maintain such a level, one must carry certain characteristics within himself or herself. Professionalism is extremely important and something that people, specifically supervisors and patients, really look for in their employees and the people that are taking care of them. Below are some characteristics described in further detailed descriptions.

A professional’s attire says a lot about them. It is important to dress up the job’s standards, whether that be a suit and tie or just a normal pair of work scrubs. A work uniform should always be pressed or ironed. Ripped clothing of any kind is never appropriate. No matter how long someone has been at their job, he or she should always dress to impress. One should always make sure that they look clean and appropriate as well. Personal hygiene is key as well. A shower is very important and so is brushing one’s teeth and hair. These are things that are not at all hard but that some people lack and need help with. No appearance is complete without a good, friendly smile. Without a smile to greet colleagues, patients, or bosses, a person looks angry or unapproachable. A nice smile really completes a good look and says a lot about a good appearance. (Fuller, 2013)

Reliability is a big part of being professional, especially in the workplace. Reliability simply means that someone can count on someone else for any particular thing, whether it be for being to work on time, or doing something correctly every time. Always show up to work everyday. And, always show up to work on time. Try to show up early if one is able to because it looks better. In healthcare, there are going to be a lot of emergency situations, so being a person that someone else can can rely on, will be a really big deal. If one can be relied on, that usually means that he or she can be trusted. It’s always good to be trusted, especially in the workplace setting. Patients really want someone taking care of them that they can trust with their life and that they can really rely on; try to always be that person.

Phone etiquette, such as talking over the phone, or netiquette (network etiquette) is a characteristic that is growing to be more of a big deal now-a-days with the growth of technology.

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