What Causes The Deaths

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“It was just so scary, you could hear him walking, you’d hear him walking right past our classroom.” (CBS News) “We were scared. I was yelling to him. Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!” (Maui News) “This is going to be absolutely heart-wrenching time for me and my family. His younger brothers and soon-to-be born sister would miss him terribly.” (NPR) “I have two words: gun control. Now, now, now, now!

No more NRA! No more money! Gun control now!”, a mother whose son died in the Thousand Oaks Shooting said in an interview. (Fox News) When I watch these interviews with relatives of gun victims and witnesses of shootings, I feel extremely heartbroken and grieve for these dead victims from the bottom of my heart. None of these victims shot by a gun deserved to die. None of these relatives or friends of victims deserve to lose their beloved one.

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What causes the deaths of these innocent people? What makes their relatives and friends suffer from extreme grief? The answer is the gun problem in the United States, which is fairly serious and needs urgent solutions now. Consequently, we need to take immediate measures to solve this problem and alleviate preventable deaths in the United States. The gun problem is obviously a big problem in the United States now. Barack Obama once said, after the shooting in Oregon, “We are the only advanced country on Earth that sees these kinds of mass shootings every few months.” (Obama), which means that the United States has far more mass shootings than other advanced country in the world.

Time and again, a large number of innocent people die in mass shootings in the United States. For example, the 2017 Las Vegas shooting was a big mass shooting on the night of October 1, which shocked the whole world. Stephen Paddock, 64 years old, shot people at a music festival from a room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel, leaving 58 people dead and 851 injured in just about ten minutes. When the police broke in, Paddock was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. (Wikipedia) People killed or injured by the killer, should have enjoyed themselves at the concert and went home, happily telling their friends and relatives how wonderful the concert was, but because of a killer and those fatal guns, that day became one of the worst days of their lives.

Many victims had no chance even to talk with their relatives and friends. The Las Vegas shooting, as the deadliest mass shooting committed by an individual in the United States, drew people’s attention to gun control and sparked debate over gun control one again. Dianne Feinstein introduced a gun control bill to ban bump stocks to the Senate. (ABC news)11 states banned bump stocks and several other states were considering banning it.

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